How to choose the perfect block of land

LANDCONNECT — 08 March 2020

How to choose the perfect block of land

Everything you need to know about selecting a lot of land.

Often when we start the home building journey, we do so with the conversation that seems most natural. We need somewhere to build!   

If only it were as simple as picking a nice patch of land for the right price. 

Choosing the right lot of land is essential as you may find yourself restricted to the type of house you can build on your selected block.

The great news is, you do not have to search alone! Involving a builder from the outset can be advantageous in many ways. The right builder can equip you with the knowledge you need to enhance your journey and ensure you gain an outcome you are happy with. 

We have put together some key factors to consider when searching for the perfect block of land. 


Builders are vastly experienced. The builder you speak with will most likely have experience in a particular area or estate; they will be able to provide you with advice on what to expect based on their experience with previous projects. 

To the untrained eye, most blocks of land look alike, but an experienced builder will be able to advise of the necessary work needed to prepare the block for construction. Their expertise early in the process could end up saving you thousands in site costs and just as many headaches down the track

Floorplan Suitability

Deciding on your floor plan is one of the most exhilarating decisions in the building process. It is the one that will significantly impact how you experience life in your new home as it will support your future lifestyle.

One of the biggest pitfalls is not taking into consideration how your floor plan choice will work on your chosen block of land. Countless times buyers will enter a builder’s office with a lot of land, a handful of their preferred designs to ultimately realise that it may not work as well as they had initially hoped.

To avoid such disappointment, it’s a good idea to enter conversations with builders early in the process and discuss what you seek in a floorplan. 

Working closely with a builder ensures you choose the right floor plan to accommodate your lifestyle and the right land to accommodate your home.

This is particularly important if you are considering any lots or designs with the following features: 

Easements – Many lots will have easements on the property. When building a home you cannot build the dwelling over an easement. Your floorplan choice maybe restricted as a result. Also if you do have a design that goes up to or very close to the easement, this may require reinforcement and additional costs. It is always best to consult a builder when choosing a floorplan and understanding the impact any easement has on your choice.

Fall (Slope) – The condition of your land will impact site costs based on how much work is required to prepare the site for construction. Many builders offer flexible designs that are ideal for sloping blocks. Your builder will help you maximize your opportunities to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Corner or Irregular lots – Building on a corner or irregular block offers a range of advantages but faces significant challenges too. An irregular block can feel spacious due to being open to good lighting and views. However, you might face additional building restrictions. Make sure you discuss your options with a builder to gain an understanding of the challenges a block might face. 

Lots in established areas – Before you consider buying a block, you should be aware of all building restrictions associated with the site that may affect your build. A builder will help you weigh up the pros and cons based on your circumstances. 

Double storeys –  Double storey houses are a great way to maximise space, but they can also max out your budget. The size of your block and location will be taken into consideration as not every block can accommodate a double storey building.

Land availability and visibility 

Searching for the right block can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. You are in decision-making mode from the outset! 

Did you know that builders often have greater visibility into what land is available across your selected region? 

Often full land availability is not advertised on leading real estate platforms, and you will only get a sample of what is available!  

It’s a good idea to talk to your preferred builder and request to see a full catalog of land that’s available. Their insider knowledge will assist you in making an informed decision with confidence.

Design Guidelines 

Finding the perfect lot of land-based on area, orientation, and your preferred floorplan is just part of the equation when you build in a new community. You will be introduced to a specific set of design guidelines that your new home will need to comply with.

These guidelines are commonly enforced by the developer of the new community to maintain a certain standard and visual appeal across their development. Navigating these documents can be quite tricky as they are often long and tedious with a lot of details. Your builder will have an in-depth understanding of these documents and what will be required of your build. 

Many estates will have their own unique requirements when it comes to guidelines. In addition, if you are building in an established area, your lot may have certain overlays on the property such as a heritage overlay. This dictates what you can and cannot do on the property. 

Often these guidelines may incur additional expenses for you when it comes time to select your builder or chosen floor plan. The sooner you engage in the conversation with the builder, the sooner you will gain greater clarity on any expenses you may need to incur to meet the community guidelines. 


When looking for the perfect block of land, there is more to consider than just price and location. 

Selecting the right lot of land will be the most significant decision you make regarding your home. It will be one that faces many challenges that can impact the quality of your build. 

Navigating the home-building process can be challenging; you don’t have to do it alone! A hasty purchase might end up costing you much more time and money than anticipated. The process can become a lot easier if you engage with a reputable builder from the outset — common pitfalls when the building can be easily avoided with the right help and guidance.

The sooner you engage with a builder, the more informed you will become on making the best purchase to suit your lifestyle and accommodate your dream home. 

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